Testing Day 3: In 100 Words

It was a duel of red and silver as Ferrari and Mercedes battled for dominance on the third day in Barcelona. Bottas ended the day slightly quicker than Vettel, although this was on the faster ultrasoft tyre. Red Bull vastly improved after their dismal performance in the past 2 days. The surprise package of day 3 was Renault, who finished 4th and 5th after a day of blistering pace. And although McLaren finally got some reliability from their engine, they were dreadfully off the pace. Finally, thoughts go out to Lance Stroll who has crashed his Williams three times in two days.

1 Bottas   Mercedes   1:19.705 75 laps Ultrasoft

2 Vettel   Ferrari   1:19.952 139 Soft

3 Ricciardo   Red Bull   1:21.153 70 Soft

4 Palmer   Renault   1:21.396 51 Soft

5 Hulkenberg   Renault   1:21.791 42 Soft

6 Ericsson   Sauber   1:21.824 125 Supersoft

7 Hamilton   Mercedes   1:22.090 95 Soft

8 Grosjean   Haas   1:22.118 56 Supersoft

9 Stroll   Williams   1:22.351 98 Soft

10 Alonso   McLaren   1:22.598 72 Ultrasoft

11 Sainz   Toro Rosso   1:23.540 32 Medium

12 Celis Jr   Force India   1:23.619 70 Soft

13 Kvyat   Toro Rosso   1:23.952 31 Medium


One thought on “Testing Day 3: In 100 Words

  1. Marty Scmitt says:

    Great blog .. congratulations, the 100 word limit round-up is superb. My critique re your lastest is – i’m not sure that each test day is also a competition – its testing a zillion variables – misleading to suggest a winner?


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